The company “Škorpion” doo Herceg Novi was founded in 1991 and is 100% privately owned. The main activity from the very beginning is the trade of food products and we have gone through all phases, from retail, through wholesale, to import, representation and distribution throughout Montenegro, which the company today deals exclusively with.

We have our own storage space of the most modern refrigeration chambers and product storage technologies, as well as our own customs warehouse, which with a well-developed sales and distribution network with national coverage provide efficient, safe and fast delivery to your facility!

With over 95 employees the priority of our business will remain to be continuous growth and development of company through further expansion and improvement of distribution, investing in human resources, state of the art technology and delivery vehicles, in order to keep one of the leading roles in the market.

Through responsible business, continous investment in growth and development our company has become one of the leading distributors in Montenegro.


The company Škorpion d.o.o Herceg Novi was founded


We establish a wholesale and become distributors of 5 European brands


Storage space
In the Igalo Service Zone, we are moving to our own storage space of 1000m2


Portfolio expansion
From 2012, with over 42 employees, we represent over 50 brands


Modernization of the distribution center
We are expanding and modernizing the warehouse space, cold storage and vehicle .We represent over 75 brands, while the number of employees is 95


Frozen program
From now on, the distribution of the frozen program is part of our distribution and logistics system.
Storage space
capacity of refrigeration chambers

Storage space is made out of the latest refridgeration chambers and product preserving technologies.  We have our own shelving storage space of 2648 m2. Within the warehouse is its own customs warehouse and refrigeration chambers with a capacity of 3907 m3, due to the specificity of fresh products with extremely short shelf life that we have in our assortment and which require a special regime of storage and transport.

In our own vehicle fleet we have the latest delivery vehicles of various temperature regimes. All transport vehicles are equiped with GPS devices that provide a more detailed insight into a location, conditions and routes, which quarantees efficient, safe and fast delivery to your facility.

From the very beginning of our business, due to specificity of the goods, we didnt wait for a customer to arrive to us, but we delivered the goods in every sales facility. Today, 100% of the turnover is done by direct distribution to each customer. We supply over 1000 retail outlets, and over 300 HoReCa outlets throughout Montenegro. Following the development of the company and the expansion of the range and brands, we are also improving our distribution channel.


Following the strategic goals of our company and business plans of principal, we dedicate special attention to marketing activities in order to maintain and increase market share in the best possible way. Through analyzing local market, our marketing team plans, shapes and implements a  marketing strategy for every principle inditidually, in order to achieve the best results.

For that purpose we organize all sorts of ATL and BTL activitiesfor our market.


As part of the agreed business plan of our principals, in cooperation with marketing agencies, we also conduct ATL activities. Using mass communication channels, we continuously develop and strengthen the market position of our brands. By carefully analyzing the market, following trends, planning and quality budget management, we create and implement marketing campaigns. Through the efficient implementation of media plans, we achieve the short-term and long-term goals of our principals.


Through detailed planning, implementation and monitoring of all BTL activities, we strive to make the best possible contact with consumers. We pay special attention to well-planned trade actions and activities to improve sales such as promotions, active sales, tailor made activities, mix & match activities. As the largest percentage of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale, our goal is to stimulate consumers and increase sales through quality merchandising of products, installation of POS and POP materials.

In order to meet all the requirements of the principal, we constantly monitor new business trends, and we achieve success and continuous growth, as well as the achievement of strategic goals, thanks to quality staff. That is why we strive to nurture a stimulating business environment and team spirit through constant training and education of our employees, aware that people are the most important resource of our company. Today, our company has over 95 employees, organized in several sectors:

Management, Sale, Procurement, Distribution, Logistics, Development, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, IT











Since the founding of our company, we have been striving to harmonize our business with positive legal regulations and the requirements of partners and end consumers through continuous improvement. The reliability of our services is confirmed by numerous certificates, which ensure the quality of services and organizations according to international standards, which is the priority of our business.