Zarotti brings joy and scents of the sea to your table.

Zarotti story begins on coast of Cilento – the cradle of good, simple mediterranean food, which is the headquarters of the main production unit.In the nineties they move to Parma – ‘food valley’, where they take over ZAROTTI SpA company, one of the most prestigious names in production of tuna fillets and anchovies of the highest quality.

Company headquarters are located in San Marco di Castellabate (SA), which is also the location of the modern factory with all latest technologies. Traditional production and technology are two of seemingly diametrically opposed concepts, but on the contrary, they guarantee quality of products of ZAROTTI SpA, which, with direct control of all phases of production cycle, from fishing to the sale of a finished product, ensure extraordinary quality.Zarotti products are completely natural, without preservatives, artificial colors and additives, packed in glass or can using 100% recyclable materials.