Cielo e Terra winery has two strong roots in Veneto region on northeast of Italy.

The first is Cielo family: a story of 4 generations. The second is Cantine dei Colli Berici collective with more than 2000 vineyards.

In year 1908 its founder Gionanni Cielo bought a small property in Montorso, with a view of Romeo and Juliette’s castle. Grandpa Pietro has developed viticulture and saved the property during the war. He was a great communicator, very dedicated to social responsability. In the meantime, after the war, local winegrowers decided to unite and founded a collective Cantine deo Colli Berici S.c.a.

The third generation of Cielo, Giovanni, Renzo and Piergiorgio have taken over the leadership of the winery during the sixties. Innovation and dedication have made them famous throughout Italy and the world.

With the fourth generation, Pierpaolo and Luca, Cielo winery has joined Cantine dei Colli Berici and it was renamed to Cielo and Terra (heaven and earth).

Representing over 2000 winegrowers and 3700 hectares of vineyards, Cantine dei Colli Berici collective wanted to be included into bottling and marketing of bulk wines.

Cielo family wanted better control of the supply chain and access to it in a more innovative and integrated way: from vineyard to market. The main goal of the joint venture was to protect local variety and offer fair value to the entire supply chain and over various crops.

In over 20 years Cielo e Terra made the right incentive. Their wines are present on over 60 markets with mostly fine wines (IGT and DOC). Winery has also become a leader in sustainability practice, with projects to support people and help preserve the planet.

Under Cielo e Terra winery’s wing numerous wine brands are growing, developing and lasting.