The company AIA (Agricola Italiana Alimentare), part of the Veronesi Group is one of Europe’s leading companies in the production and sale of fresh chicken, turkey and rabbit meat, whole and in portions, then the eggs, a wide range of culinary specialties In order to meet the highest international standards, the company AIA is committed to maintaining and obeying the regulations of the community. Hence the company uses the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes based on the latest technology. In order to meet consumer demand for the spicy, healthy and safe food products, there is complete control of every stage of the production process.High product quality is achieved by a combination of a practical approach to the production and use of fresh, authentic and light ingredients , and that, while not neglecting taste and innovation. Unification of these factors created the right idea – how constantly and in the best way to make consumers satisfied. Wudy, first in making chicken and turkey hot dogs, already a market leader for years.

Wide range of different grammage and specialties to satisfy all tastes, handy for all occasions: you can choose one of the turkey and chicken variations or hot dogs stuffed with cheese.Quality of the meat used in making Wudy hot dogs make them perfect ally of every child.