This story begins in 1780 in the ancient city of Spoleto from the Umbria region at the foot of the Apennines, when the Farchioni family began producing olive oil. Through passion, innovation and dedication in the commitment to be the best from generation to generation, Farhioni roots have grown into the world’s leading producer with renowned and top quality olive oil. Because, Farchoni’s story is a story about people who work hard. Knowledge passed on and perfected for generations, using the highest quality olives from Italy, deploying traditional techniques with modern technology, family values ​​shaped in the Farchioni motto to produce oils that they love to use in their kitchen and hardworking people who love their work, every day Farchioni perform unique a process that only confirms that nature is perfection. Today, olive oil farchions daily enhance our passion for cooking and enjoying life, and provide our best with the best addition


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