Natural mineral non carbonated water Jana was introduced to the market in 2002, and for 7000 years it was a well kept secret in a 800 meter deep spring Saint Jana, hidden between hills of Saint Jana.


Jana springs in Saint Jana village, that rapresent a ecologically completely clean environment because of its specific position, without any effect of industry and lifestyles of its inhabitants.Jana is characterised by a perfectly ballanced mineral structure, which emphasizes an ideal ratio of calcium and magnesium and a naturally low level of sodium. Besides, thanks to a variety in packaging, we can drink Jana in every occasion.The superior properties of natural mineral non carbonated water Jana are confirmed by numerous global recognitions and awards that guarantee its quality, impeccable purity and safety of the bottling process. And aside from PET packaging, Jana water in a glass bottle breathes a minimalistic transparency with its design, and its most important characteristic is the superior quality that makes it a water that is chosen by many prestigeous restaurants and cafes. Jana in glass packaging fits perfectly in the atmosphere of all restaurants and definitely takes part in the good taste on our table.