La Pasta di Camerino is named after the city where the Maccari family, owners and directors of the company, lives and works, and refers to an ancient tradition typical of this area: the art of making homemade pasta. This daily ritual, which delighted Gaetano Maccari, the company’s founder and director, so much when he was a boy, has today been turned into excellent products by the family, as a result of a combination of craft methods and modern technologies. the product is always the result of simple processes: the selection of the best ingredients, slow and careful workmanship under the watchful eye of experts, and of course a passion for work.

Only fresh eggs and premium flour, without water or additives are the ingredients of this pasta that passes through bronze sieves and then lightly dries at low temperature. The pasta styles chosen by the company are also typical for this area, just like their color, aroma and texture: all by tradition, so as not to forget the tastes of times past. Sales channels are food retail, catering and traditional shops.