Swiss company Lindt is one of the most famous chocolate manufacturers in the world. Production of premium dark chocolate is an art. Years of experience, skills, love and passion, with a selection of the finest and highest quality raw materials are needed to produce a dark chocolate of refined taste. This art of Lindt’s chocolate masters have perfected for 160 years, and you can feel it in the art of making Lindt Excellence line. Chocolates with particularly high percentage of cocoa can vary enormously in quality, the difference is felt as soon as you try them. These differences arise already in the selection of cocoa beans. The type and origin of cocoa are the basic prerequisites of high quality Lindt Excellence 70%. Manually collected fractions of fine cocoa dominate, which are bred and selected only in selected fertile regions of South and Central America. These grains are rare and account for only 5% of the world crop. Their aroma is particularly intense and is responsible for the beautiful, long-lasting taste and is one of the characteristics of Lindt Excellence 70%.