Menprom meat industry
Top quality meat dishes from high quality chicken, beef and turkey meat make Menprom one of the leading meat industries in Bosnia.From the first product to date, they have distributed a wide range of healthy, delicious products produced with special care and unique recipes.The combination of natural traditional tastes and proven top quality with continuous investment in new knowledge and technologies, and the expansion and modernization of production capacities are the result of the growing demand and interest for Menprom products.Numerous medals and plaques, HALAL certification, as well as the introduction of the International Standard ISO 22 000-2005 in 2007, as well as the application of the HACCP principles, is a quality assurance. .
Menprom today is a dynamic, modern company with 160 employees, mostly young, highly educated and ambitious staff.Make every bite a gourmet moment with the new Premi meat products industry Menprom! Deluxe Smoked Turkey Breast and Chicken Breast do not contain
soy or gluten, which makes them ideal for lovers of, above all, quality food.