Authentic taste of traditional Bosnian recipes!


Fine Food is a brand that managed to win over Sarajevo over a short period of time with its delicacies, and now it is available in the region as well. Their recipe is simple. Knowledge, love and dedicated work, the best raw materials connected with traditional recipes, as well as the strenght of modern technology are a formula for top quality products.

Everyone that visits Fine Food bakeries regularly was happy to hear that their favorite products can now also be found on the supermarket shelves. Frozen pies, flatbreads, pizza bases, puff pastry products are proof that the frozen products are undeservedly on the list of unpopular products. Industial freezing preserves more nutrients than any other storage method, so Fine Food products are as rich in nutrients as the fresh products.

Fine Food layered assortment contains almost two hundred products, it is developed to satisfy different gastronomical requirements of customers, even the most demanding palates. Every products is made of specially selected ingredients, with the use of the latest food technologies to ensure health requirements and the top quality that suits international standards.

Products are divided into many attractive cathegories and are especially attractive for HoReCa sector!

(Restaurant Assortment, Bakery Assortment, Confectionery Assortment)

Even after the first bite you will feel an authentic taste of the traditional Bosnian recipes. That is because all the products from their range are developed in collaboration with gastronomical experts, made out of carefully selected ingredients, focusing on their quality and origin, using latest food technologies in the production.

Continuous investment in their production plant, education of their employees, use of the latest technologies in the production processes, international certificates such as ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, IFS and Halal serve as a guarantee of quality. It is very important to point out that, as an ecologically aware company, it also has the most modern machine for deep freezing food, which runs on CO2.

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