Under the wing of Paraćinka company, with its rich tradition in production of various treats, the following brands are also created:

Cipiripi is a brand that is favored among all generations – which isn’t surprising, because it has been present on the market for decades.Kids that used to love it have grown up, but they still buy Cipiripi – to their own kids. It would be difficult to count all crepes that were smeared with Cipiripi since it first appeared on the market. Today the popular squirrel is smiling on already very famous Cipiripi choco blocks and creams of various flavors, from delicious caramel to irresistible nougat.

Helf i Kavabon, brands recognizable for generations, and most popular group among candies of very strong and refreshing taste. They are made out of candy mass with added aromas and colors and are coated in a ‘cape’ of sugar syrup. They captivate with their relief appearance.

Website: www.paracinka.rs