The story of Rigoni di Asiago is simple, a story of passion, love towards nature and deep connection with its origin. The company has decided to work with high quality organic ingredients ever since the begining, so that it would be able to offer products that are good for both people and the environment. That’s how high-quality products are made that won over millions of families in Italy and, in the last couple of years, the rest of the world. The success is determined by love for the environment, a brand that works in cooperation with nature. Choosing organic without a compromise means believing in better, sustainable future for today’s consumers and future generations. Constant dedication, a road that Rigoni di Asiago chose ages ago.

Nocciolata – a perfection of the hazelnut flavor and cocoa energy, in soft cream that melts in mouth.

Nocciolata is a sweet cream made of cocoa and hazelnut from ecological breeding.
Nocciolata contains only ecologically grown ingredients. All ingredients are carefully dosed, high standards of production and precisely defined processing time and temperature are respected, so that a unique hazelnut cream could be produced – Nocciolata.

From raw ingredients to processing, Nocciolata is a result of ethical choice for protecting the environment and consumers.