Well-known rectangular shape, irresistible taste, with the highest quality ingredients, in a convenient “snap-open” packaging, Ritter Sport is a brand that enjoys the trust and affinity of true chocolate lovers in over 100 countries in Europe and America. Ritter family kept a sweet secret for over a hundred years: the recipe for making excellent chocolate. Starting as a small family company in 1912, Ritter Sport is developing into a thriving international business. The products are currently sold in 80 countries, while the success story continued through the third generation of the family. Its name this family guarantees for each produced chocolate bar. Only natural ingredients of the highest quality are used for production of Ritter Sport chocolate. Cocoa species from six different regions are the basis of these chocolate. The variety of colors will help you easily identify your favorite flavor – white, milk and dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts, chocolate filled with marzipan, nougat cream and coffee cream, chocolate and biscuits, whole almonds, corn flakes and other. The new line of Ritter Sport Chocolate Nut selection now with more hazelnuts. Crunchy baked hazelnuts in milk chocolate make Ritter sport chocolate with whole hazelnuts absolute favorites of the range.

Website: www.ritter-sport.de