La Famiglie del Gusto   has turned its roots into art, transforming and modernizing the traditional production of dried meat products. A combination of passion and knowledge passed down through the generations, has seen the original vision grow and develop, maintaining a strong connection to the past tradition. The new generations, who manage family companies today, look to the future with a constant drive for innovation. The first company from Le Famiglie del Gusto that we present is San Michele Salumificio. Just outside Parma, in the heart of the Italian food valley, the company supplies a wide and complete range of Prosciutto Crudo, Parma PDO and San Daniele PDO. The tradition and experience gained over the years, together with the search for ever more careful quality, led the company to complete integration of all stages of production. The founding family still runs Salumificio and constantly aims to keep it simple and compact, but always able to combine product tradition with innovation, guaranteed by state-of-the-art packaging systems.