Negroni is the most known brand of charcuterie in Italy. It has been a leader in the market of premium delicatessen meats for over a century, and is still a landmark to consumers.

The corporate philosophy is based on the complete control of the entire production cycle, from animal feeding to the end product distribution, with the aim to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards.Negroni is committed to steadily maintaining and thoroughly complying with European regulations to achieve the highest international certification standards.

Negroni counts 7 production facilities: Cremona (salamis and other products), Zibello (Culatello and other dry-cured specialities), Correggio (pre-sliced products and others), Villafranca (cooked hams), San Daniele – 2 plants (San Daniele Ham), Tizzano Val di Parma (Parma Ham), as well as commercial subsidiaries in France and Switzerland.