Natural mineral water Sarajevski kiseljak springs from depth of 150 to 300 meters, enriching itself with minerals in its natural flow through old eruptive rocks. So natural and crystal clear, with naturally ballanced mineral ratio, it is filled with the latest technologies without external influences.

The begining of organized filling of Sarajevski kiseljak into bottles is connected to year 1891.

The first expert analysis of mineral water in Kiseljak was performed in 1886 by professor E. Ludwig, a court adviser from Vienna, who was invited by the Bosnian government to study mineral waters in Bosnia. According to his analysis “this water belongs to those mineral waters that contain the highest amonts of CO2, Glauber’s salt and significant amount of iron; considering its composition this is a specialty among European mineral waters.”

According to its structure Sarajevski kiseljak is sodium-calcium-magnesium-hydrogencarbonate-sulphate mineral water, and as such it is one of the best mineral waters in the world. Because of this exact composition and medicinal qualities, it has a beneficial effect on human health, helping in prevention and treating of many diseases.