Jamnica is the biggest Croatian manufacturer of mineral waters and non alcoholic beverages with a tradition of over 180 years.

Springs of Jamnička kiselica are known since the Celtic times, organised development of use has started on the 18th of October 1828, when the first bottles intended for the market have been produced. Since 1993 inside Agrocor concern, through thought out investment in modernisation and development of new technology, Jamnica grew into one of the most up to date European bottling plants for mineral and spring waters and non alcoholic drinks.

Jamnica’s development is mainly based on building strong trade marks that on Croatian ground have a leading position in their segments, and also have a significant part in regional markets and increasingly more on global market as well.

The quality of Jamnica trade marks is confirmed by numerous awards and recognitions. Jamnica mineral water was one of the first that has become the holder of Croatian quality lavel in 1997, while at the international fair Aqua expo in Paris in 2003 it won the prestigious Eauscar award as the best natural carbonated mineral water. The same award went to Jana in 2005, and it is also the owner of prestigious NSF and ITQI awards and the Carbonfree certificate.

Website: www.jamnica.company